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Plain Language Brochures Now Available

Tri-fold brochures never go out of style. Or perhaps they’ve been out of style for so long that they transcend it.

Think about it: a brochure is like a broom. Sure, there are higher-tech ways to get the job done, but it’s so darn useful that you keep it around.

Hence, we have a new addition to our SBIRT Toolkit with a classic design: seven tri-fold brochures about substance use. They can be used in conjunction with Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment practices or they can stand alone in your school, primary care office, community coalition website, or anywhere else it’s useful to share honest, accurate information about drugs.

Each brochure introduces a substance or type of substance, describes its health effects, and explains how to reduce harm and find help.

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We know that inaccurate messages about the health effects of substance use have affected the credibility of addiction prevention and treatment programs. It’s time to be transparent about what we do know and humble about what we don’t–so here’s a step in that direction.

Help your patients, clients, students, and others make informed decisions about substance use. Give them information about treatment and harm reduction. Encourage a culture of learning around substance use, not fear and ignorance.


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