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The behavioral healthcare landscape is always changing. Now is no exception.

As an addiction treatment provider, how can you better integrate your services with mainstream healthcare? How will you implement or improve a medication-assisted treatment program? How do you make the case that your services are a value purchase for criminal justice systems, Medicaid, or commerical payers? What changes can you make now, before you fall behind?

IRETA works with opiate treatment programs (methadone clinics), residential/outpatient addiction treatment programs, and halfway houses to educate staff, evaluate program outcomes, and guide leadership toward better outcomes and improved financial stability.

To help treatment providers respond more effectively to substance use, IRETA offers:

  • Consultation, training and implementation assistance onĀ evidence-based and best practices
  • Formal outcome evaluations
  • Ongoing clinical quality improvement
  • Strategic planning informed by knowledge of the Affordable Care Act and parity legislation


IRETA Case Study: Program Evaluation for Renewal Treatment, Inc. Residential Drug & Alcohol Program

IRETA Case Study: Helping Methadone Programs Manage Risk and Improve Patient Outcomes