Co-occurring Disorders

Mental and substance use conditions often co-occur. This is known as "co-occurring disorders" or, alternately, "dual diagnosis." Integrating treatment is an effective approach to promoting recovery.

IRETA offers training and extensive resources related to co-occurring disorders and effective treatment methods to address clients with dually-diagnosed mental health and substance use disorders.


Visit IRETA's Co-occurring Disorders Key Resources, our short-list of places to go to learn about co-occurring disorders

See IRETA's Links page, a more comprehensive list of co-occurring resources

Check out our Webinar Library, which includes "Dual Diagnosis Patients: Treating Clients with Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Issues," a pre-recorded webinar with presentation slides.


Download training manuals and other products related to co-occurring disorders and their treatment in our Free Downloads section

Look through our Co-occurring Toolkit for Practice for hands-on tools you can use