Identifying and addressing problem use

sbirtlogomap.gifIRETA is the National SBIRT-ATTC, a federally-funded Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) for Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT).

As the National SBIRT-ATTC, IRETA helps health care providers utilize the public health model of screening for substance use and providing advice or counseling to their patients who use alcohol or other drugs in risky or harmful ways. The goal is to influence their risky behavior patterns and reduce their exposure to the negative consequences of misuse. SBIRT is also designed to improve the linkages between general community health care and specialized substance abuse treatment providers to facilitate access to care when needed.

Studies have shown that brief intervention in general medical settings and other community settings (i.e. school based and mental health clinics) can be effective in encouraging individuals to reduce or eliminate problematic use. It is hoped that this will 1) have the long-term impact of reducing the number of individuals who eventually become dependent on or addicted to alcohol and other drugs of abuse and 2) identify individuals who are dependent on or addicted to alcohol or other substances and refer them to treatment earlier than might otherwise happen.

IRETA and the National SBIRT ATTC promote and assist with systems change to successfully implement SBIRT. For more information, click on the brief presentation below about the role of the National ATTC within the ATTC Network.


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IRETA, through other funded projects currently conducts SBIRT trainings tailored to various settings, such as nursing schools, federally qualified healthcare centers, and emergency rooms, among others.
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