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SBIRT Case Study #4: Orange County Health Clinics
A brief description of implementing SBIRT in family healthcare clinics in Orange County, CA
Part of the National SBIRT ATTC Compendium of Cases
SBIRT Case Study #3: SBIRT as Part of Project Care

A brief description of a behavioral health managed care company's integration of behavioral healthcare services into federally-qualified health centers

Part of the National SBIRT ATTC Compendium of Cases

SBIRT Case Study #2: Implementing SBIRT in Any Site or Organization

A brief description of the SBIRT implementation process by a seasoned expert

Part of the National SBIRT ATTC Compendium of Cases

SBIRT Case Study #1: New York City STD Clinics

A one-page description of an SBIRT project among STD clinics in New York City.

Part of the National SBIRT ATTC Compendium of Cases

Benzodiazepines and Medication-Assisted Treatment

This one-page brochure informs patients about risks related to benzodiazepine use in the context of medication-assisted treatment.  It addresses immediate consequences, long-term effects, and the relationship between benzo use and recovery. Can be distributed as a hand out or posted publicly in various settings.

Problem Solving Tools for Drug Court Professionals

This training manual proposes both content and process analyses to assist drug court teams to evaluate the usefulness and effectiveness of a participant’s treatment plan and progress. These guidelines are not meant as prescriptive, rigid procedures, but rather as an introduction to a standard, easy to replicate and monitor method of gathering and critically evaluating information about the progress of the drug court participant. This information is for the purpose of maximizing the prospect of success for the drug court participant, and to provide for the public’s safety.

Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What To Ask

Published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (2012), this brochure offers guidance in seeking drug abuse treatment and lists five questions to ask when searching for a treatment program.

Addictions Recovery: When Knowing the Facts Can Help in New York

This research brief outlines the economic benefits of substance use treatment in Pennsylvania, especially approaches that address addiction as a chronic condition in need of continuing care.

Using Medication to Support Recovery: Research and Practice Updates

The FDA has approved several medications that have been proven effective in treating people with alcohol or other substance use disorders. In this issue of Resource Links, researchers and practitioners explore effective methods of incorporating medications into treatment to support recovery.

Pathways to Recovery: Embrace Innovation

As healthcare delivery systems change and we continue replace an acute care model with a chronic care model of addiction treatment, this issue of Resource Links outlines innovative programs and ideas for implementing change.