Free Downloads - Electronic Media

Resource Disc 1.0: General Resources: Introduction

This disc contains introductory resources, including the ATTC Network's Change Book about the technology transfer process for creating change

Resource Disc 3.0: NIDA Resources

This disc contains resources produced by the National Institute for Drug Abuse


IRETA and the Northeast ATTC developed this DVD which features a 1-minute commercial that attempts to undercut the stigma surrounding addiction

Resource Disc 4.0: HIV/HVC

The Northeast and Central East ATTCs collaborate on this resource disc on HIV/HCV and substance use disorders

Imagine Who You Could Save: a video promoting Addictions Career opportunities

This addictions workforce recruitment video was created by the Northeast Addiction Technology Transfer Center, the National ATTC (NATTC), Central East ATTC (CEATTC) and the National Association of Addiction Professionals (NAADAC

Resource Disc 2.1: Current Opioid Treatment Resources 2005

. This disc contains research and practice resources for the treatment of opiate addiction

Special Populations Disc

This disc includes a wide variety of current resources for prevention and treatment of substance use disorders for special populations