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Recovery Management & Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care

This monograph, by William White, lays out the empirical support for moving to recovery-oriented systems of care and outlines concrete steps for recovery management and achieving transformation in our treatment system.

Building Resilience, Wellness and Recovery

In 2004, IRETA began facilitating a leadership group to develop a common vision for the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders. This monograph summarizes the group's work.

Linking Addiction Treatment & Communities of Recovery

Written by William White, MA and Ernest Kurtz, PhD, this monograph opens the door to real change in the professional addiction treatment community. Addressed to the thousands of counselors and therapists on the front line, it offers them a new paradigm that focuses on an integration of clinical treatment with the recovery movement.

Substance Abuse Treatment Today: Using Data to Empower the Treatment System

On July 7-9, 2002 the Pennsylvania Practice Improvement Collaborative (PA PIC) hosted a conference entitled "Substance Abuse Treatment Today: Using Data to Empower the Treatment System" at the Hershey Conference Center and Lodge, Hershey, PA. This monograph summarizes the speaker presentations and recommendations

Workforce Development Monograph 2006

On October 19, 2005, the Northeast ATTC held its second Workforce Summit where leaders from each state gathered to share updates on their workforce development programs, discuss challenges to implementation, and discuss new directions for workforce development. This monograph is a product of that Summit

Workforce Development Monograph 2004

On January 27, 2004 the Northeast Addiction Technology Transfer Center held a one-day Workforce Development Summit entitled "Taking Action to Build a Stronger Addiction Workforce," bringing together state leaders in substance use disorders from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. This monograph summarizes the key discussion points from the Summit and highlights the achievements of New York's recent workforce efforts

Peer-based Addiction Recovery Support: History, Theory, Practice, and Scientific Evaluation

Addiction treatment and recovery in the United States contains a rich "wounded healer" tradition. Formal peer-based recovery support services (P-BRSS) are now being delivered through diverse organizations and roles. This monograph examines the history and future of peer-based recovery support

Recovery-Oriented Methadone Maintenance

There are growing calls to shift the acute care model of addiction treatment to a model of sustained recovery support analogous to the long-term management of other chronic diseases. The purpose of this monograph is to explore what this shift means to the design and delivery of methadone maintenance (MM) treatment and the status of MM treatment and MM patients in the United States.