The goal of this training course is to help participants develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities as Substance Use Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Trainers. It was created by the National SBIRT ATTC. The files are available freely for download. Contact your regional ATTC for Training of Trainers.

National SBIRT ATTC TOT Manual: The training is designed to be two and a half days long and all participants must attend all days and complete all assignments. The learning activities use didactic teaching, role plays, group discussion, and peer feedback. Throughout the training the participants are encouraged to interact, dialogue, and practice the skills.

National SBIRT ATTC slide set ppt: The overall goal for this training to help you develop the knowledge, skills and abilities you will need to effectively train others on the various tasks involved in providing SBIRT services. In general we will be discussing the conceptual framework of SBIRT as a public health model and its impact as a system change initiative.s.

3-4 Hour National SBIRT ATTC Training Kit: This sample is based on 3 hours. The FRAMES and BNI Algorithm options contain only 1 role play and are well suited to a 3 hour presentation. If you want to extend the presentation to 4 hours, select the FLO or 4 Step model and use some or all of the additional role plays.

6 Hour National SBIRT Training Kit: This sample is based on 6 hours.

National SBIRT ATTC Separate Models ppt: A set of slides for various training models.

National SBIRT ATTC TOT Handouts: Handouts used during training. Includes sample AUDITs and role play scenarios.