The webinars featured on this page show concrete processes that hospitals and governments have implemented to change the course of opioid-related consequences in their communities.

This three-part webinar series covers the reversal of overdose, referral to treatment as a response, and subsequent recovery from opioid use disorders. The webinars aired during fall 2016 and are now available on-demand.


Treatment Referral in an Opioid Crisis: Opportunities to Engage

Presented by Kimberly Walsh and Kenneth Martz

West Virginia’s 24/7 helpline for substance use disorder refferal, HELP4WV, has been fielding calls for people across the state. Meanwhile, encouraging a person to begin substance use disorder treatment can be difficult–using a warm handoff strategy for treatment referrals is helping people in Pennsylvania.


The Opioid Epidemic in Our Emergency Departments: Preventing Overdose and Supporting Survivors

Presented by Dr. Priya Mammen and Brian Holler

Opioid use continues to rise, and consequently so does the amount of patients suffering from overdose in the Emergency Department. In this busy setting, many people are sent off as soon as possible with little assistance to address their root problem–opioid use. This webinar outlines the challenges EDs face and a pilot program at four hospitals that strives to provide counseling and access to recovery services.


Health System-wide Sustainable Peer Program Best Practice

Featuring Terry Horton and Mark Lanyon

Project Engage began as a peer program for the emergency department at Christiana Care in Delaware and evolved into a financially sustainable hospital system-funded program with improved outcomes through long-term recovery. This webinar follows that journey and shares barriers and achievements.


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