This webinar reviews the adolescent co-occurring disorders curriculum.


Holly Hagle, Ph.D. has been actively working with providers since joining the Institute for Research, Education and Training in Addictions (IRETA) in 2003. She is the Director of the National Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment Addiction Technology Transfer Center (National SBIRT ATTC) and as such oversees all of the training and educational initiatives.

Dr. Hagle oversees the curriculum development and project coordination for three Heath Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) SBIRT federally funded projects with the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing since 2006. Dr. Hagle is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health and Community Systems, University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing. Dr. Hagle has her BS in Psychology, MA in Education, Curriculum and Instruction and PhD in Education, Instructional Management and Leadership.

Dorothy Farr has been working for years with national experts on the topic of co-occurring disorders in the adolescent population.

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