King County, Washington, has been working to implement SBIRT in hospital emergency departments, primary care clinics, and community mental health clinics since 2003. Beginning in 2015, King County is piloting in partnership with Reclaiming Futures, a youth school-based extended brief interview SBIRT model. This workshop briefly discusses their past experience with SBIRT, but focuses on the current implementation of SBIRT in a school environment, discussion of the youth SBIRT model developed by Reclaiming Futures, plans for evaluation, and sustainment of youth SBIRT in the schools. Time for questions, interaction and sharing of experience in implementing SBIRT with youth was key part of the presentation and discussion.

Through review and discussion of one county’s experiences with SBIRT participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the use of SBIRT with Youth
  • Develop an understanding of the issues and challenges with implementation of SBIRT for youth
  • Develop an understanding of evaluation and sustainability challenges


Geoff Miller, M.B.A. has worked in the Human Services field for over 25 years managing the delivery of services for those with mental illness, substance use disorders, and developmental disabilities.  His experience includes planning and developing services in the urban, rural, and the rural remote areas of Washington State. He is presently the SBIRT program coordinator for King County.

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