This webinar will describe the chemical actions of the four pharmacologic categories of substances (psychostimulants, opioids, sedatives, hallucinogens & dissociatives), identify the effects, signs and symptoms of the four pharmacologic categories, and explain how knowledge of these substances can aid in screening and intervention.


Michael Palladini, RPh, MBA, CADC, has over 20 years of work experience in hospital, retail and long term care pharmacy. He currently works as the Director of Client Services for a long term care pharmacy provider, as well as an outpatient drug and alcohol therapist. He has also helped to develop and instruct in pharmacy technician programs. Michael received his BS in pharmacy from the Medical College of Virginia, and his MBA from Robert Morris University. He received his certification in addiction counseling from the PA Certification Board. He is the founder of Three Suns Publishing, a sole proprietorship developed to educate and inform interested parties in the area of drug addiction. He recently published “Drugs of Abuse: From Doctors to Dealers, Users and Healers.

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