This webinar will discuss the types and extent of substance use, abuse, and dependency issues among the older adult population, present SAMHSA’s National SBIRT Initiative, introduce the approaches and SBIRT models used with the older adult population, explain screening approaches for depression among the older adult population, and demonstrate the effectiveness of utilizing the SBIRT/BRITE model with aging services.


Robert W. Hazlett, Ph.D. has thirty-nine years experience in the mental health, behavioral health, and addictions fields. In the last 10 years he has assisted in SBIRT grant preparation, solicited appropriate provider sites, developed training curricula and has provided training to physicians, residents, nurses, medical assistants, health care educators, and social workers in the area of screening, brief interventions and treatment for substance misuse, abuse, and dependency.

He has successfully implemented the SBIRT project in hospital emergency rooms, medical centers, urgent care, multi-physician practices, senior care centers, mobile medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and other social services programs.

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