IRETA’s Effective Change Process

Broadly, IRETA offers three types of services: we educate, we evaluate, and we guide. Our services are modular (that is, they can be used independently or together), but the nexus of all three is where the most powerful changes occur.


How does this look in practice?

Step 1

Data Gathering

We gather baseline evaluation data and become acquainted with our client’s clinical and/or administrative processes. Depending on the client, data gathering can take many forms, including observation, staff interviews, and participant outcomes.

Step 2

Feedback and Collaboration

We present feedback on the program’s performance and work collaboratively with the client to identify the effective change process that fits the program’s needs.

Step 3

Training and Coaching

We offer trainings, coaching, supervision, and implementation assistance with new practices and processes. During this period, we emphasize the importance of the program becoming familiar with and–most importantly–using its own data as a matter of regular practice.

Step 4

Evaluating and Formalizing Effective Changes

We gather evaluation data and help the client install processes and structures to sustain change.

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