Comenzar CIBRT para Adolescentes

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The Course Content

El propósito de este curso es aumentar el conocimiento de CIBRT (SBIRT, por sus siglas en inglés) necesario para que los especialistas tengan las destrezas para identificar y abordar las necesidades de las personas jóvenes que están usando alcohol u otras drogas (AOD) de forma riesgosa. Al completar el curso, usted habrá aprendido cómo usar la práctica basada en la evidencia de Cernimiento, Intervención Breve y Referido a Tratamiento (CIBRT) para los adolescentes, como parte de una colaboración entre profesionales del camp

The purpose of this course is to enhance knowledge of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) that is necessary so practitioners have the skills to identify and address the needs of young individuals who are using alcohol or other drugs in a risky manner. At completion, you will have learned how to use the evidence-based practice of SBIRT for adolescent populations.

The course’s eight sections total approximately three hours of content.

Questions and Answers

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Looking for more information on adolescent substance use?

En Español:
Prueba de Detección y Guías de CIBRT, SBIRT Arizona
This New York SBIRT page includes many screening (pruebas de detección) and patient information tools in Spanish

In English:
View previously recorded webinars by adolescent experts in our Webinar Library
Use the SBIRT for Youth toolkit

Who can take this course?

Anyone! It’s free and open to the public.

Can I get Continuing Education Credits?

Yes! We offer the following CEU credits.

  • NAADAC – 3 CEUs approved
  • Social Work – 3 CEUs approved

To cover costs associated with offering CEUs, IRETA charges a fee $10 for CEUs. Certificates of attendance are free.

Questions about the course?

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