Health providers and organizations (such as hospitals or medical societies) that serve patients in Fayette or Washington County, Pennsylvania, are eligible for these free trainings. People in all Pennsylvania counties are welcome to learn and receive CME credits from Train PA, which offers online adaptations of these modules.

Schedule a Training

IRETA has successfully delivered on-site trainings to hospitals, medical societies, and private practices across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you, or any health provider you may know, are interested in scheduling a training session, please contact Abby Bartus at:

info@ireta.org or 412-258-8565

The trainings we offer:

  • Module 1: Why Using the PDMP is Important for Achieving Optimal Health
  • Module 2: How to Integrate the Use of the PDMP into the Workflow to Make Clinical Decision
  • Module 3: Using the PDMP to Optimize Pain Management
  • Module 4: Opioid Prescribing Guidelines
  • Module 5: Referral to Treatment for Substance Use Disorder Related to Opioid Use
  • Module 6: Approaches to Address Patients’ Substance Use Disorder
  • Module 7: Effective Opioid Tapering Practices

The modules can be used to meet the following CME requirements:

  • Act 124 Pain Management: Module 3
    Act 124 Prescribing Practices for Opioids: Modules 4 & 7
    Act 124 Identification of Addiction: Modules 5 & 6
    Patient Safety/Risk Management: Modules 1-7