This webinar covers substance use and abuse implicated in emergency department (ED) visits.


Antoine Douaihy, MD, is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and an Associate Medical Director of the Appalachian Tri-State NODE of the NIDA sponsored Clinical Trials Network (CTN).


1:09 Background on Substance Use in ED Visits; Scope of the Problem: Alcohol & Drugs
21:30 Questions
26:26 Scope of the Problem: Abscence of Brief Intervention in ED Setting; Screening Instruments
39:14 Questions

45:28 Intervention Approaches; How People Change
55:52 Questions
57:42 Communication Styles for Promoting Change; Stages of Change
1:09:30 Questions

1:12:07 Brief Intervention; Motivational Interviewing
1:30:00 SBIRT and its Applications
1:39:19 Questions
1:41:36 SBIRT Efficacy, Implementation, Future Direction

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